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The Original Spuddybag is the luxury potato storage bag. It prevents greening and reduces early sprouting.

The Spuddybag is a potato storage bag with some excellent design features that make it attractive to display in any kitchen, with a choice of attractive colours to suit your kitchen decor. Made in top quality canvas and natural beige hessian, it holds 4 kg of potatoes and can be easily hand washed.

According to the British Government's waste campaign Wrap (Waste & Resources Action Programme), 5.1 million potatoes are wasted every day, thrown away due to greening rot etc. Read Wrap's study "The Food we Waste" and this article in the Independent.

So start saving money by reducing wastage - buy Spuddybag online now!

Stock is now available!

Spuddybag showing the inner and outer bags RYUU the kitten on her Spuddybag

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